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  WISE CDT provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in shaping their own research topic. This, coupled with the wide range of skills they will acquire by completing all that the postgraduate school offers, makes them very attractive prospective recruits for the Water industry.

– David Evans, Associate Director, Arup

  Wessex Water is seeing the emergence of skills and knowledge gaps in common with other companies in the water sector. As technology and catchment management develop further, we will need to recruit high quality graduates in these areas to enable us to maintain and increase our market position in relation to international competitors.

The WISE CDT helps address these gaps by providing leading interdisciplinary training across the subject areas of water engineering and informatics which are vital for the future of this industry and highly pertinent to our company.

We particularly see the potential for significant added value to the business with respect to intelligent management of physical assets in order to reduce costs and increase the resilience of water supplies and wastewater services.

– Dan Green, Head of Sustainability and Innovation, Wessex Water