Research Seminars

The University of Exeter Centre for Water Systems holds a weekly research seminar delivered by water industry representatives and academics from a variety of institutions around the globe. Talks are on current and emerging issues, solutions and research trends for better management of water and environmental systems; WISE CDT students are strongly encouraged to attend talks.


Past topics and speakers include:

Solving the Charitable Water Crisis Rob Hygate, African Water Enterprises

Strategic questions facing the UK water industry Hans Jensen UK WIR

Should we rely on national datasets to assess local, rural flooding? Rachel Bird WSP Group

Spatial Modelling of Extreme Precipitation in Urban Areas Chandra Rupa Indian Institute of Science

Beyond ‘flood hotspots’: co-production of knowledge between academia and stakeholders for improved resilience of emergency response to flood disasters Dr Dapeng Yu, Loughborough University

A new experimental-based methodology to obtain the stability threshold for real vehicles exposed to flooding Eduardo Martinez, Flumen Institute

ICT4WATER: Using ICT and Innovation to Address Societal Challenges and Promote Sustainable Living Professor Chrysi Laspidou, University of Thessaly

Developments in the Coastal Zone James Prescott Arcadis

Smart water utilities – complexity made simple Professor Gustaf Olsson, Lund University

Is doing flood risk science differently really an experiment in radical scientific method? Dr Mike Yearworth, University of Bristol

Decision Making Strategies for Integrated Water Resources Management Professor Shaul Sorek, Ben-Gurion University of the NEGEV

Urban water and sanitation strategy development in low income city areas of Africa Richard Wilson Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor

A Smart City for Disaster Mitigation Dr Sheng-Chi Yang Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute

Decision support systems for hydrocarbon remediation projects in Chile Professor Bernardo Gonzalez  University of Adolfo Ibanez 

Drinking Water Treatment through the Ages  Ian Crossley

Road Network Resilience and Flooding – Multiple Centrality Enrico Isnenghi

What lies beneath? Surface-subsurface interactions in fluvial and coastal environments  Professor Dubravka Pokrajac University of Aberdeen