Benjamin Beylard

Project: Modelling of the impact of beach nourishment on coastal morphology

Supervisors: Professors Shunqi Pan and Roger Falconer


Benjamin will complete his research with Cardiff University. After a BSc (Hons) in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University of Bordeaux in 2009, Benjamin obtained an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources from the University of Bordeaux, the University of Basque Country and the Southampton University in 2014. For his Master’s degree, Benjamin covered a wide range of topics from sedimentology to coral reefs and deep sea ecology. He specialises in physical oceanography and coastal dynamics, seen in his Master Thesis. This opportunity remains until now his most significant professional experience.


In the past decades, the socio-economic interests of coastlines have continued to grow all around the world (Neumann et al., 2015). The coastal migration trend entailed leads most of the time to an unreasoned urbanization, which, closer and closer from the shoreline, destabilizes the fragile and complex dune/system. Considered as a compromise between efficiency, cost and ecological impacts, beach nourishment, is the most used soft engineering method to protect and rehabilitate damaged coasts. However, paradoxically, the design is often not optimized due to the complexity of sediment transport processes in the nearshore area and the lack of knowledge in mixed sediment dynamic. Built on the work of Pan et al. (2007) and Pan (2011), Ben’s research is to further develop the process-based COAST2D model to further improve the algorithm of modelling mixed sediment transport with applications of the improved model for the beach nourishment schemes such as the mega-nourishment project at the Bacton gas terminal (Norfolk, UK).

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WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Benjamin_Beylard_Jun17[1] 

June 2017 Poster: Benjamin Beylard Jun17