Benjamin Beylard

Project: Soft artificial reefs and mega-nourishment: A global innovative approach in coastal defence

Supervisors: Dr Shunqi Pan and Prof Roger Falconer

Benjamin will complete his research with Cardiff University. After a BSc (Hons) in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University of Bordeaux in 2009, Benjamin obtained an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources from the University of Bordeaux, the University of Basque Country and the Southampton University in 2014. For his Master’s degree, Benjamin covered a wide range of topics from sedimentology to coral reefs and deep sea ecology. He specialises in physical oceanography and coastal dynamics, seen in his Master Thesis. This opportunity remain until now his most significant professional experience.

Work Experience

For 8 months, Benjamin conducted a laboratory experiment investigating the erosion and the evolution of beach/dune systems under different storm conditions. By reconstituting a beach/dune system in a wave flume and exposed it to monochromatic waves at different water level, the aim was to simulate the effect of the 2 most powerful storm regimes (Overwash and Inundation). By comparing the results obtained in term of erosion with similar past laboratory studies but using bichromatic and irregular waves, the aim was to assess the real impact of the type of wave used on physical experiment results. To do so, several hours of probes and laser scanner data per test were recorded and processed with the use of Matlab. The results were synthesized in a paper (“A Laboratory Investigation of Wave-Driven Dune and Beach Morphology Change under High Storm Surges”) and presented by Benjamin at the IAHR world congress 2015 which took place at The Hague.

Research Interests

Coastal management including:

  • The development and the implementation of greener methods of protection and rehabilitation of our coastlines like artificial reefs, sea beds development, mangroves rehabilitation and sand motors.
  • Storm regimes and sediment dynamics modelling
  • Estuaries and coastal pollution

Ben is also interested in many different subjects like large scale Oceanography, remote sensing of the ocean, marine ecosystems (in particular coral reefs) and plastics pollution.

WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Benjamin_Beylard_Jun17[1] 

June 2017 Poster: Benjamin Beylard Jun17