Bikash Ranabhat


Bikash graduated from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) with a B.E. in Civil Engineering in 2003. He completed his MSc in Civil and Water Engineering in 2017 from Cardiff University where his dissertation focused on assessing the movement of fine sediment particles in gravel bed spawning habitat due to hydro-peaking by numerical modelling. 

Following his first year in Exeter as part of the WISE programme, Bikash plans to return to Cardiff University in order to carry out his research project provisionally titled: ‘Modelling impact and design of various river turbines on the hydro-environmental characteristics’. 

Work Experience

Bikash is a highly experienced engineer having worked for various hydropower design consultancies in both the UK and Nepal over the past 12 years. Most recently, he has worked as a Senior Hydropower Engineer at Hydroplan where he was responsible for duties from identification, through pre-feasibility and feasibility, to the overall detailed design and design coordination of hydro projects. Some of the hydro sites he identified in Scotland are now fully implemented and generating electricity. Bikash also worked alongside the All Reservoir Panel Engineers for the design of dams in Loch Dungeon, Burnhead and Loch Rannoch, Ardtornish. 

Research Interests

  • Eco-hydraulics and hydropower development
  • Flood modelling
  • Sediment transport dynamics
  • River basin management
  • Hydroinformatics