David Glover

Project: Flood dynamics of the Somerset Levels using Telemac2D

Supervisors: Dr Shunqi Pan and Professor Thorsten Stoesser

The Somerset Levels suffered severe flooding as part of the wider winter storms of 2013–14 in the UK. Persistent heavy rainfall led to the extensive flooding of over 600 houses and 17,000 acres of agricultural land. A robust and advanced modelling framework based on the TELEMAC suite will be developed and refined for the Somerset Levels. The modelling framework will build on the advanced feature of the open-source codes, such as: unstructured mesh for better representation of topography without losing the desired high resolution in the areas of high significance; finite-volume algorithm for mass conservation and full parallelization for HPC facilities. The flexibility of user-defined functions and direct access to the source codes will allow the improvement of the dynamic friction due to the land use and mitigating engineering measures, which is the focus of this study, to be implemented, tested and refined.

Results will be incorporated into QGIS to improve accessibility for end users; including industries such as building infrastructure assessments and agricultural. The integrated TELEMAC and QGIS is expected to form a robust flood-forecasting system and to explore future flood mitigating measures and to address the issues of flood management of the Somerset Levels, which was highly debated after the flood events

David is a member of both the Hydro-environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University. He is working on modelling the flood dynamics of the Somerset Levels, specifically the River Parrett, using TELEMAC software. Currently he is developing an irregular mesh to recreate the winter floods of 2013-14.

David undertook the BSc in Geographical Information Systems (2010-13) at Bath Spa University where he focused upon reducing the errors created when geo-referencing a Terrestrial Laser Scanning dataset with dGPS points collected on the boundaries of the Leica SmartNet. Thereafter he undertook the MSc Computing course (2013-14) at Cardiff University during which he developed a standalone application which extended the functionality of QGIS to query and map the 2003 National Foot and Mouth Dataset. Mid-2015 he completed the WISE CDT postgraduate school at Exeter University and is now based at Cardiff University Queens Buildings.

Research Project Poster

Keywords: Telemac-2D. Somerset Levels, River Parrett, Flood Dynamics, Decision Support