Elli Mitrou

Project: Dynamics of turbulent plumes in cross-flow

Supervisors: Dr Bettina Bockelmann-Evans and Professor Thorsten Stoesser


The mixing and transport properties of bubble plumes make them an interesting and unique component of environmental and engineering systems. Bubble plumes have important practical applications in industrial, environmental and ocean engineering techniques and devices, such as nuclear reactors, destratification and aeration of lakes or reservoirs, injection of CO2 in the deep ocean and/or the prediction of gas release from accidental well blow-outs or from natural vents. The major difficulty in predicting multiphase turbulence is the wide range of length and time scales on which turbulent mixing occurs. Understanding the dynamic interactions among the dispersed and continuous phase in bubbly flows in order to predict more accurately the transport of mass, momentum and heat for diverse engineering and environmental applications is required. Consequently, an integrated approach of the physical mechanisms of turbulent energy dissipation and transport by small-scale bubbles in a bubble plume is required. Most Computational Fluid Dynamics models have difficulties solving and/or modelling this small scale turbulence, either because of the model initial assumptions or the tremendously high computational cost. A novel application of computational methodology, which is expected to provide a good compromise between accuracy and computational performance, will be developed.


Elli is based at Hydro-environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University. Elli’s research focuses on bubble plume dynamics. Building on previous work conducted at Cardiff University, a more sophisticated large-eddy simulation model is developed in order to predict improved results compared to previous approaches and reproduce all the turbulence generated at the bubble scale.

Before joining the Hydro-environmental Research Centre, Elli worked as project engineer at the construction of Sewerage, Wastewater Treatment Plant & Sewage Pumping Station of Orchomenos village in Greece. Elli holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering (University of Patras, Greece) and a MSc in Science and Technology of Water Resources with specialization in Coastal Zone Management (NTUA, Greece).

Elli’s Research Poster

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Keywords: Bubbly flows, Small-scale turbulence, LES, Hydro3D