Jamie Brown

Project: The effects of land-use change on the water cycle of the Amazon-Cerrado region

Supervisors: Dr Rafael Rosolem and Dr Ross Woods


Jamie graduated with a MEnvSci (Hons) in Environmental Science from the University of Sheffield in 2014. His first three years of study combined Physical Geography with Biology leading to his third year research project looking at plant genetic defence mechanisms under different climatic pressures. His Masters’ dissertation and research project focused on Palaeobiology and Palaeoenvironments during the Upper Carboniferous era.

Work Experience

After graduating Jamie worked in the Water Resources department for Essex and Suffolk Water (Northumbrian Water) for a year. On and off for the past 5 years, Jamie has also worked at Hydrology UK as an Assistant Hydrologist, and most recently, an Environmental Hydrologist. During his time at these companies, he was involved in a wide range of tasks, including:

  • WFD/EIA compliance assessments
  • Long time series analysis
  • Spatial rainfall assessment
  • Long-term river run-off assessment
  • Data handling and analysis
  • Catchment mapping and artificial influence decomposition
  • Discharge naturalisation (temporal and spatial)
  • Population catchment analysis
  • Flow naturalisation using QGIS and large quantities of EA flow data
  • GIS analysis

Research Interests

  • GIS analysis and hydrological modelling on large scale catchment analysis
  • Incorporating soft engineering into catchments to help relieve downstream pressures whilst improving environmental conditions