Jess Penny

Project: Assessment of monsoon flooding within tropical island nations vs monsoon flooding within city slum dwellers

Supervisors: Professors Slobodan Djordjevic and Zoran Kapelan


Jess is a first year PhD student on the WISE programme and is looking to stay here in Exeter for the duration of the programme in order to carry out her research project. She has just graduated from the University of Exeter with an MSc in Water Engineering. Her dissertation was titled: ‘The “Invisible Hazard” – The use of the WCA2D model to analyse the current and future Pluvial flood risk to the London catchment of Wallington’, working with Professor Guangtao Fu.

Jess previously graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc (Hons) in Marine Geography in 2015. Her final year dissertation was titled: ‘A comparison of the UK December 2013 – February 2014 storm characteristics with particular reference to the SW and E Coast of England, and in the context of past storms’, working with Commander Nick Rodgers, which was ultimately presented to the FFC (Flood Forecasting Centre) within the MET office. 

Research Interests

  • Interactions between the hydrosphere and atmosphere, especially when related to flooding hazards.
  • Current and future Urban Pluvial Flood risk
  • Impact of Climate change on Pluvial, Fluvial, Coastal and Groundwater flooding.
  • The use of SUDs and the possible role they play in mitigating flood risk in modern societies
  • The idea of Smart Water Sensitive Cities