Jeffrey Neal

Dr. Jeffrey Neal


My research interests include the development of hydraulic models and the assimilation of observations with such models across and range of spatial scales. I also undertake research to support flood risk management, which includes work on modelling flood hazard in urban areas and methods to increase the computational efficiency of hydraulic models.



I’m currently an early career research fellow funded by the Leverhulme Trust to investigate data assimilation methods for river discharge estimation from remote sensing. I’m also an advisor for the NERC DEMON project, a developer of the LISFLOOD-FP hydraulic model and co-investigator on the €3.2M EU-FP7 funded Kulturisk project.

As a researcher for the EPSRC/EA Flood Risk Management Research Consortium, I evaluated the use of distributed post flood water mark data for calibrating a city scale flood inundation models and undertook research into developing more efficient hydraulic models to support uncertainty analysis and large scale applications. Recently I developed a methodology to assimilate observations from SAR imagery, using an ensemble Kalman filter, with a hydraulic model driven by a rainfall-runoff model to estimate river discharge. My PhD research assimilated measurements from a novel wireless sensor network with a quasi two-dimensional hydraulic model for more accurate short-term level and flow forecasting in a coastal estuary and river system.



Hydraulic modelling Data assimilation Remote sensing