Olivia Bailey

Project: Sewer Systems of the Future

Supervisors: Dr Jan Hofman and Dr Tom Arnot


Prior to joining the WISE CDT programme, I completed my first degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng) at the University of Bath in 2015.

During my university career I undertook several water-related projects that captured my interest. I undertook a three-month research project in the development of a photo-amperometric biosensor for water quality indication. This used algal species to detect micro-pollutants, including antibiotics and heavy metals. The main focus of this project was on the development of a cost effective, portable device that provides rapid results for water quality.

My final-year design project consisted of the design of a Biorefinery (wastewater treatment with resource recovery). In a small team, the overall process was designed for the small-scale treatment plant with recovery of potable water, energy and nutrients. My role evolved into a detailed design with particular emphasis on energy recovery through anaerobic digestion.


Work experience:

My undergraduate degree was inclusive of a year-long Industrial Placement which I completed with the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, in Geneva. During this placement I took on a role within the Safety and Environmental Protection team for the ALICE experiment. I was the sole initiator of a project to build a comprehensive risk assessment – analysing and modelling the impacts of fire in the underground system.


Research interests:
• Wastewater treatment,
• Resource recovery from wastewater processes,
• Water recycling,
• Water footprinting,
• Optimisation of water treatment processes,
• Sustainability.

WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Olivia_Bailey_Jun17[1]

June 2017 Poster: Olivia Bailey Jun17