Paul Bayle

Project: Coastal protection and near-shore evolution under Sea Level Rise

Supervisors: Dr Christopher Blenkinsopp, Dr Alan Hunter and Prof Gerd Masselink


  • Two-year degree in Civil Engineering at the Institute of Technology of the University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.
  • BSc in Earth and Environment Sciences at the University of Bordeaux 1.
  • Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources at the University of Bordeaux 1, the University of Basque Country and Southampton University.

Work Experience

Foreman for the renovation of an orphanage in Latvia
Master thesis as a research technician in coastal management and physical oceanography for beach erosion protection, at the Gold Coast for Coastal Management department of Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. The objective of the project was to understand the impact of Narrowneck artificial submerged reef on the surrounded bar morphology, using Delft3D software. My objectives were to calibrate the model using historical survey data; to undertake bathymetry surveys around the reef to collect short term data; to validate the model using the collected data. The final purpose was to be able to use this model to run some storm scenarios and observe how the sand bar morphology and shoreline respond to the reef.

Research Interests

• Coastal management including beach erosion, in-shore and offshore waves and currents
• Marine renewable energies
• Chemical engineering including water pollution, hydrogeology and on-going sustainable energies

WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Paul_Bayle_Jun17[1]

June 2017 Poster: Paul Bayle Jun17