Prof. Alun Preece

Prof. Alun Preece

Research Interests

My research focuses on techniques for information provisioning and decision-support in complex environments. These require a fusion of aspects of:

knowledge technologies: particularly ontologies, problem-solving, and information quality.
agent technologies: particularly communication, resource identification, and coalition formation.
distributed computing technologies: particularly Web and Grid.
Application domains include e-science, e-healthcare, e-commerce, and e-response.


Current & Recent Research Projects

ITA: International technology alliance in network and information sciences, IBM UK Ltd.
Tackling Radicalisation in Dispersed Societies, European Commission.
After Woolwich: Social reactions on social media, ESRC.
Soft Facts: Social medial and spontaneous community mobilisation: The role of rumours after major crime events, Nesta.
Field experiment using the ‘Sentinel’ social media analytics tool developed by Cardiff University to inform the police and partner response to events surrounding Halloween and Bonfire Night in South Wales, South Wales Police.
Wales Centre for Primary and Emergency Care, Welsh Government (NISCHR).
Environmental research infrastructures providing shared solutions for science and society – ENVRI PLUS, European Commission (Horizon 2020).
Improving the consequence management of security events: A simulation exercise for policy and practice develpment, ESRC.
Open source communications, analytics and research (OSCAR) development centre, HEFCE.