Prof. Omer Rana

Research Interests

My research interests span three areas of Computing; (1) Problem Solving Environments (PSEs) for computational science and commercial computing, (2) Data analysis and management for large scale computing, and (3) scalability in high performance agent systems. Underpinning these three areas are the core concepts of “scalability” and “performance management” – which cover my research contributions – involving:

Performance modelling and simulation – in particular creating manageable models that can be confirmed by simulation (these models have primarily been based on Stochastic Petri Nets).
Execution performance – with a key focus on distributed objects.
Performance issues in large scale distributed systems – such as Computational and Data Grids.
Infrastructure support for improving user-perceived performance (and suggestions for improvements in infrastructure). This aspect also includes application demonstrators that illustrate performance problems.
Semantic support for monitoring and measuring performance.
Relation of application performance with system scalability, trust and reputation issues, and reliability.


Current & Recent Research Projects

An innovative private cloud system to support multi-business collaboration, KTP and Wakemans Ltd.
Identifying and modelling victim, business, regulatory and malware behaviours in a changing cyberthreat lanscape, EPSRC.
Social media and prediction: Crime sensing, data integration and statistical modelling, EPSRC (via Southampton).
To develop an intelligent (predictive), automated, enterprise-wide service-oriented remote IT asset managment system to reduce downtime and improve customer reporting and trust, KTP and Circle IT Solutions LTD.
Lost Visions: Retrieving the visual element of printed books from the nineteenth century, AHRC.
Clouds4cooridnation: Cloud based project coordination in the AEC sector, TSB via BRE.
SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle, EADS UK.
CAT-D UI Work Package, Airbus Group Ltd.
Ebbbs and flows of energy systems (EFES), EPSRC.
MAS2TERING: Multi-Agent Systems and Secured coupling of Telecom and Energy gRIds for Next Generation smartgrid services, EC.
Digital Wildfire: (Mis)information flows, propagation and responsible governance, ESRC via University of Oxford.
Embedding COSMOS within public safety organisations, ESRC.