Stamatios Christos Batelis

Project: The impact of spatial discretization of hydrological models and data assimilation of satellite data on flood forecasting

Supervisors: Dr Rafael Rosolem and Professor Dawei Han


MEng in Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece – Diploma Thesis: Impact of fires in the water potential of drainage basins. The case of Enipeas River in Thessaly.

MSc in Water Resources, Science and Technology, National Technical University of Athens (Distinction) – Master Thesis: Estimation of uncertainty in rating curves and its impact on the calibration of hydrological models.

• Design of an earth dam.
• Reservoir water balance and reservoir reliability, hydrologic design of dam spillways and stochastic simulation in assessing reservoir reliability.
• Multi-criteria optimization of a water resource system.
• Calibration of a hydrological model, creation of synthetic time series and stochastic simulation.
• Creation of AR(1), AR(2), ARMA(1,1), FGN, SMA synthetic series.


• S.C. Batelis and I. Nalbantis, (2016). Large-scale forest fires: Effects on daily streamflow and hourly peak flows in the Alpheios river basin, Greece (Submitted)
• S.C. Batelis and I. Nalbantis, (2014). Potential effects of Forest Fires on Streamflow in the Enipeas River Basin, Thessaly, Environmental Processes, 1(1), 73-85.
• Y. Dimakos, E. Moschou, S. C. Batelis, Y. Markonis, and D. Koutsoyiannis, (2014). Monthly rainfall trends in Greece (1950 – 2012), EGU General Assembly, 27th April-2nd May.
• E. C. Moschou, S. C. Batelis, Y. Dimakos, I. Fountoulakis, Y. Markonis, S. P. Papalexiou, N. Mamassis and D. Koutsoyiannis, (2013). Spatial and temporal rainfall variability over Greece, 5th EGU Leonardo Conference – Hydrofractals 2013 – STAHY ′13, European Geosciences Union, International Association of Hydrological Science, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Kos Island, Greece, 17th-19th October.

Research Interests

• Real time forecasting
• Uncertainty in natural processes
• Uncertainty in decision making
• Stochastic hydrology
• Water resources management

WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Stamatis_Batelis_Jun17[1]

June 2017 Poster: Stamatis Batelis Jun17